ernesto resende.

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Hi there

Welcome to my personal space on the interwebs. I'm Ernesto.

I'm software engineer specialized in building (and occasionally designing) digital products. I highly focus on working with the TypeScript/JavaScript ecosystem and serverless environments.

Since the end of last year, I've been working on Cardinal a massive open-source project that had me delving in pretty much every aspect of library, application, and project, maintenance.

Who am I, and what kind of stuff I do?

What I do?

Software engineering and design experiments

Main focus

Design systems and serverless architectures

Headshot of Ernesto Resende

Create solutions, craft web experiences with care, explore design, UX and interactivity. My main goal in any project is to build and implement elegant and functional solutions that meet the needs of users while staying true to the crafter’s vision.

I started out focusing exclusively on solving frontend problems, but nowadays I do find myself constantly jumping between design, frontend and backend engineering tasks. I specially like working with design systems, and have a keen interest in building backends with serverless architectures in mind.